Thursday, 29 September 2011

cambridge sightseeing

Cambridge sightseeing have got there first trident in service 17078 T678KPU can now be seen out in service
17099 V473KJN is still at cambridge awaiting to go to lincon for the chop
AT lincon at the moment are 17079-T679KPU,17274-X376NNO, 17275-X377NNO &17276-X376NNO
17079 is next to come back  whether there have private plates put on them is un clear  at the moment

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

whippet re-spray *Exclusive photo *

Go whippet at Swavesey are currently respraying P348ROO from there old livery in to it 90 year livery 
Exclusive photos of it in paint at there depot   
Thanks to the staff at whippet for allowing me to photo and in to the depot
 National Express (Airports) have the following NEW coaches which are coming into Cambridge. they are Volvo B9R Catetno c48flt
They are 
C110-6  FJ60HXS/T/U/V/X/Y,KVS

FJ11RDO (C120) seen in cambridge yesterday

info from nigdip

Friday, 9 September 2011

Delaine Buses new bus and fleet movements

Delaine bus of borne have recently had there very first Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 registers AD61DBL fleet number 150. delaine usually  have optare Olympus but due to  Optare not  bodying any other chassis manufacturers products. as there now preferring only to offer their own integral Mercedes powered product sadly.
so there could be gemini to follow next year but it to be confirmed   

if you would like to see AD61DBL here are it booked runs for the time being 
0730 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
0900 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
0950 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1100 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1150 Service 101 Morton-Bourne
1300 Service 101 Bourne-Peterborough
1400 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1450 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1600 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1650 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1800 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton 

Other Delaine news M2 OCT (117) & N3 OCT (118)
Volvo Olympian / East Lancashire 
have been sold to  R Dew & Sons, Somersham and will probably be seen on rail reps and schools 

AD61DBL on the 18:00 101 to morton on the 3rd of sep

Whippets fleet changes

Whippet coaches have had a few fleet changes over the past month or two. including 2 more alx400 b7's and a ex demo (BG59FYB) volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban 2  for there  busway services C & D  it due in at the depot today it been sat at Volvo ely haveing guide wheels put on 

BG59FYB whippets new busway bus © Rob Brooks
Other new buses are two b7 alx400 they are V184OOE  which is ex transdev VA68 & W136EON which is ex transdev VA100 . Both of them have are resprayed in to the 90 year whippet livery and have seen both have seen school service and 184 has seen some service work too.  tis is due to not having full new blinds  fitted yet.   


other changes are East lancs bodied volvo oly P345ROO being resprayrd in to the new livery (90year livery) . leaveing the fleet at whippet are leyland oly G184JHG ,G703TCD &J808WFS  volvo ps's k702DAO with k669erm soon to follow as it now withdrawn also withdrawn are L51UNS L56UNS That about it  

big thanks to Dave Harmworth for info and rob brooks for use of photo of bg59fyb   

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

14000-F110NES the megadekka back in it old livery

Here's quick history of F110NES .
Regersted in  1989 it was new to Stagecoach Glasgow as "the mega dekka  this bus really is a one off in the stagecoach with it 110 seat's (3+2 seating ) 
service history 
 bought for a school contract in glasgow and the often used on the 19 to Easterhouse in  Glasgow 
 but was transferred to East Midland 1990 after a very short time at glasgow , and then moved to  Bedford  in  1992/3 where it remained to this day on schools and now semi preserved, in it old livery as seen here band new in Glasgow .

To celebrate it respray back in to it old livery suzy scott of the anglia & thames vally bus fourm  with help from  steave and driver joe from stagecoach  put together a tour on 14000 around cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire starting at Peterborough with stops at st ives p+r,go whippets depot at swavesey, huntingdon, march fowlers depot at holbeach drove ,spalding then back to Peterborough photos of the day can be found here on my flicker     
From this 
Many thanks to  suzy  steave and driver joe was a great day