Sunday, 29 May 2011

T-Jay and the dayrider plus bash

yesterday i went to see a mate of mine at cambourne and then got a nice dayrider plus bash in too when he went to see his mum in hospital in the after-noon and as i was meeting back up with him for a beer at 7pm at Cambourne so heres the bash photo of the buses i had too photos were taken on my phone so not the best quality but they do.
               The buses bashed
 19568-AE10BWD  Histon to Cambridge on Citi 8
19590-AE10BXB Cambridge to Cambourne Citi 4
19597-AE10BXK Cambourne to St Neoats Citi 4
34443-KV53EZX St Neoats to Huntingdon 65
21224AE09GYU Huntingdon to St Ives 55
15458 AE09GYF St Ives to Cambridge Citi 5
19581 AE11BWO Cambridge to Cambourne Citi 4

19568-AE10BWD after working citi8
19590-AE10BXB awaiting to do my citi4 to cambourn 
19597-AE10BXK after finishing a great trip up the A428 on the citi4 

15458 AE09GYF at St Ives after doing my 55 from Huntingdon 
15458 AE09GYF sat at St Ives waiting to do my citi 5 to cambridge via all the little villages but it a good route and the 1h 10 mins fly by 

all in all not a bad bus in the day even the ex bedford dart was okay on the 65 and just got around offord bridge  .And the citi4 from cambourne to st neoats was great with lots of thrash .

thanks for reading  next bash to come soon 


Monday, 16 May 2011

X5 bash madness

Well this evening my miss is off to bedford for the night on the x5 with me at home (yay) and said I should come as far as st neoats as I had been given my sisters megarider plus as it runs out tonight. So on my radom bash I have done
The 17:50 service b from  orchard park to cambridge and had 21230-AE09GZA a nice busway volvo b7

Then the 19:40 x5 cambridge to stneoats were I had 53606

Then the 20:20 x5 st neoats to cambridge were I had 53611-KX58NCD then awalk to sainsburys for a pizza for tea and and then got the citi2 from bridge st to mill rd and had 22325-Ae51RZB a nice bus to end the eve on

BAND NEW X5 COACH IS HERE exclusive photos

well i bring you an exclusive no one else has there photos The brand new plaxton panther 1 reg AE11FMF-53618 This should hit the by the end of this week . 53618 is here to replace 53614 that had a accident near bedford and was badly fire damaged and was scraped here are the one photos of it below woul like to thank the littleport lion rob brooks and stagecoach macanic for poping shutter up  

spalding flower parade 2011 30th april

Spalding flower parade  was a great this year with about 95 coaches this year whitch is up about 10 more than last year. One of the big hits this year with the enthusiasts were norfolk greens three new spectras (ex reading buses) (7) YJ51ZVF  (8) YJ51ZVG  (9) YG02FWD . spectra 9 has been nick named the black beauty as it a really beastly spectra and is a black livery to advetice Lifestyles Festival. also at a 11 plate scania i5 showed up too ll photo can be fould of the coach that showed up  here

brand new i5

SPECTRA 4 before it starts the day

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ninja's top trainspotting/photoing spot in cambridge. shepreth branch junction

Shepreth branch junction is located  south of Cambridge in a village called great Shelford.
How to get there :
 By bus from the city center bay E1 by taking the citi 7 witch runs every 20 Min's Mon-Sat  with adl Enviro 400 running the service.  your stop to get off at is great shelford post office about 35 mins trip from Cambridge then walk back and take your first left on to granhams rd  and over the rail crossing down the footpath with the big spring monument on to the were the rail way splits and that shepreth branch junction

By RAIL shelford has it own rail station what is  served by nxea services from London Liverpool st and Cambridge  it operated by Class 317's . Directions from shelford stn which is about 3/4 mile south of  shepreth branch  . Turn right out of the station, along Station Road and then bear right on Cambridge Road and walk for 5-10 mins then turn right down  Granham's Road  and over the rail crossing down the footpath with the big spring monument on to the were the rail way splits and that shepreth branch junction

Photoing : best place is to cross over the railway at the gate and bear right and walk for 2 mins up the line and stand just past the big white box and transmitter and you got a clear photo shot of both tracks

what trains run on the line:
 first capital connect class 317 365 and 321 time to time
 national express east Anglia class 317's and also 379s on test there's about 7 workings Tuesday to  Thursday only
cross country class 170's
freight trains : there are the odd freight train from time to time too

If you see anything suspicious the British Transport Police can be contacted on their crime telephone number:
0800 405040
Help all us railway enthusiasts get a better name by helping the British Transport Police catch the cable thief's and vandals.