Friday, 27 January 2012

Norfolk green new service in ely

Norfolk green are to start a brand new town service in Ely called Absolutely the service will run around the city from 13th of feb and will link the people of Ely with the brand new Sainsburys on lisle lane, rail stn  and the city centre from 7am-7pm  6 days a week  for more info click here. This is the futurist  south Norfolk green come since there council tended service 19 Wisbech to Cambridge via Ely   hopefully there be able to get a great market for the service and maybe  re-expand to chatteris  or even cambridge with there services the service is expected to be run by a optare solo

Thanks to Suzy Scott . and abf  for gen

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stagecoach East fleet change period 9

the fleet card has just hit my door mat with the following changes

Vehicle movements
16212-R562DRP  Reserve to Fenstanton
16542-ACZ489 Reserve to Cambridge
16543-ACZ493 Reserve to Cambridge
17078-TSU639 Cambridge to Reserve   due to Repower
17079-T679KPU Cambridge to Reserve  due to Repower
18059-AE53TZL Fenstanton to disposal

Reserve vehicles 
16010-P810GMU Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16013-P813GMU Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16175-R175HHK Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16210-R560DRP  Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16213-R563DRP Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16214-R564DRP Reserve @ Bedford condition good
16216-R566DRP Reserve @ Bedford condition good
16217 R567DRP Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16528-WLT682 Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
16542-ACZ7492 Reserve @ Cambridge condition good

17078-TSU639   Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
17079-T679KPU Reserve @ Cambridge condition good

17099-V473KJN Reserve @ Newcastle (open top conversion )
17274-X274NNO Reserve @  Lincoln  (open top conversion )
17275-X377NNO Reserve @ Newcastle  (open top conversion )
17276-X276NNO Reserve @ Newcastle (open top conversion )
22278-SP51AMK Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22306-AE51RYB Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22307-AE51RYC Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22459-S459OFT Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
22460-S460OFT Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22461-S461OFT Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
33399-R366JVA  Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33461-S461CVV  Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33462-V462TVV  Reserve @ Fenstanton  condition good
33463-V463TVV Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
33464-V464TVV  Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
33802-R802YUD Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33806-R706YUD Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
52124-K154DNV Reserve @ Bedford condition good
52485-R185DNH Reserve @ Bedford condition good
52644-KSU461 Reserve @ Bedford condition good

Disposal vehicles
16082-R82XNO Located @ Cambridge   condition fair  
16086-R86XNO Located @ Bedford       condition fair    
16091-R91XNO Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
16102-R102XNO Located @ Cambridge    condition fair
16496-P146KWJ Located @ Bedford       condition good
16672-L672HNV Located @ Bedford       condition good
18059-AE53TZL Located @ Fenstanton        condition extensive fire damage
20110-N210LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20112-N212LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20114-N214LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20321-N321VSM  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair
20328-N328VSM  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair    
20329-N329VMS  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair
20513-R513KSA  Located @ Cambridge     condition fair
20531-P531ESA  Located @ Bedford     condition fair
20573-M473ASW  Located @ Cambridge     condition fair

That's all fokes thanks go's to Christine for fleet card  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

17099 off for the chop

17099 has now left Cambridge on tow to Newcastle to be re engined to euro 5  spec  then will be going to  down to Lincoln at a later date to have it roof taken off and put to single door .Still away 17274-X274NNO at Lincoln and due back to Cambridge next .17275-X377NNO  and 17276-X276NNO are still at Newcastle and due to move to Lincoln soon for chop   

17099 on its way for the chop 
thanks to vw for the gen.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Trent barton trial's a hybrid decker

Trent barton are to trial a hybrid decker. The Alexander Dennis Enviro H400 (SN61DFK) is due to enter  service for two weeks on Wednesday and will be used on the swift service from Uttoxeter via Ashbourne to Derby . SN61DFK will help with overcrowding on the service which is growing  all the time along the service . SN61DFK was first with stagecoach Sheffield  as it first stop on it tour   

stagecoach PETERBOROUGH CHANGES from 15th jan



Service Update
The following service changes come into effect 15th January 2012.
Citi 2/3 - Now use the new stops at the City Hospital.
Citi 7 - No longer serves the City Care Centre. For new Citi 7 timetable click here, and for the new Citi 7 route map click here.
Citi 8 - Change to timetable and route. From this date the Citi 8 will serve Broadway and Eastfield Road, instead of New Road Boongate and Frank Perkins Parkway. Click herefor new Citi 8 timetable, and click here for new Citi 8 route map.
23/24 - Change to timetable. This includes additional daytime journeys between the City Centre and Orton Waterville. Click here for the new timetable.
25 - New route between City Centre and City Hospital, also serving City Care Centre. Click here for new 25 timetable.
30 - Last two journeys (1849 and 1949) from Huntingdon extended to serve Ramsey Forty Foot. Click here for new 30 timetable.
36 - Change to timetable. 0845 Queensgate to Thorney will depart at 0835 and operate 10 minutes earlier throughout. One journey in each direction, Monday to Friday, is extended to serve Holbeach Drove. Click here for new 36 timetable.
46 - 1645 Huntingdon to Peterborough now departs 10 minutes later, at 1655, and ten minutes later throughout. Click here for new 46 timetable.

Monday, 2 January 2012

18059-AE53TZL bunt to a crisp

On the 24th dec  18059-AE53TZL  caught fire on the 15:35 service Citi 5 to st ives from cambridge the fire what happend on the A14 on the Barhill slip road at about 16:00 what completed gutted the bus and caused the A14 to close  . all 12 passengers and drive safely got out of the bus with no one hurt. The cause of the fire was an  engine  fault    

many thanks to louise taylor,clive bates and vw for info