Sunday, 21 October 2012

Good bye

i would like to take the time to thank you all for reading the blog . but thbe time has come to hang up the blog  .
but dont worry the gen i do get will be past on to one of the best blogs going for info that is a good mate of mine andys bus blog who already post about the areas news .

i would like to thank you all for comments and reading of the blog . but due to work/family  commitments ive had to end it but look out for top posts on the

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Weavaway directors to buy Tappins

Breaking News: Weavaway directors to buy Tappins

Michelle Wadsworth and Simon Weaver are to buy Tappins Coaches from Heyfordian Holdings on 30th September. Didcot-based Tappins operates a fleet of over 30 Volvo coaches and can trace its origins back to 1900. It has been operated as part of the Heyfordian group since 2007. All operations, engineering and driving staff are to remain, under the stewardship of General Manager David Walker.

In addition to its Newbury-based coach business, Weavaway trades as Countywide Travel in Basingstoke, Haywards Coaches in Reading, and Abingdon Coaches in Abingdon. Local bus services in West Berkshire and Hampshire are operated by sister company Newbury & District.

‘The Tappins business is an excellent fit with our existing activities in South Oxfordshire. We have successfully developed the Abingdon Coaches brand, and the acquisition of Tappins will enable this part of the Weavaway business to operate from their Didcot site.’

‘It is our intention to promote Tappins Coaches as an Oxford-based business, thereby avoiding brand conflict.’
‘Our Weavaway Travel and Newbury & District businesses operate a total of 60 vehicles, and with the addition of Tappins the size of the overall operation most certainly warrants the type of facility which exists in Didcot.’

A dozen Weavaway coaches will immediately transfer to Tappins, including late-model Skyliners, Van Hools, and high-capacity Iveco Panthers. Brand new coaches are expected to enter the Tappins fleet in early 2013.
‘The acquisition of Tappins will see our catchment area stretch right across the Thames Valley from Witney to Winchester, and Hungerford to Henley.’

A key aspect of the acquisition is the purpose-built site, which provides secure parking for 50 vehicles, large offices, a 6-bay workshop, bodyshop and coach wash.
‘Heyfordian Holdings are to be congratulated for maintaining a state of the art facility of this high standard. We intend to build on this with investment in the future to ensure Tappins continuing reputation as a top quality operator in an area where it enjoys an excellent reputation’.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Go Whippet up date

Go whippet have had a bit of an update since i last posted in a nut shell two new olys  volvo B7 SK52URV enters service city bus and Vanhool coach withdrawn .

So first of with two ex stagecoach volvo Olympians now in the fleet for school service these are ex magic bus Manchester photo below of them after arriving at there depot 
16721 P721GND and 16510 R510UWL (c) CHIPMUNK
SK52URV finally entered in to service on the 5th on its first day of service.  Sporting whippets new livery i was luck to photo it after work working 1815 Cambridge-Huntingdon (1A)  it looked great for a bus that had not seen service since 2009 Whippet have really spent time bring it back up to scratch    

SK52URV seen on huntingdon rd

Other news in the fleet is that E441ADV and J689LGA are now withdrawn from service 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

17099 on hire to daybreak

The latest of the open top tridents to return at Cambridge is 17099 V473KJN bus has now gone on loan  to the morning tv news show  on  itv 1 daybreak (was GMTV) no one quite knows what its being used for why its with Daybreak bus it left on saturday from stagecoach cambridge depot and has now been seen at rugby stagecoach depot . more news on it when we find out 

(c) Simon J Langley

many thanks to simon for use of the photo

Olympic how its changed the buses in cambridgeshire

Well as you cant get away from it the Olympics have been on which one tv non stop but the stuff ive had for photo at stagecoach cambridge's Cowley road  depot is un real ive had enviro 400s from manchester, Merseyside, Newcastle and e300s from morecambe merseyside and other places  photos can be found HERE BIG THANKS go's to staff at cowly rd for heads up and tellinm me when there were due and to dave for heads up on convoy of them down the A14

back and bad

Well this blog is making a return after a absence due a busy working 6weeks with few trips out and about but did manage to get a freedom of Scotland 4 day tour covering from Gretna to Inverness  stranraer to Aberdeen on a all the stops pulled out great trip what i will never forget  for along time yet with possible a blog to follow on it soon .

also come to the blog is info from all over the uk as well as the normal Cambridgeshire  goings on

so sit back please enjoy the blog and fill free to send us any info or photos you want you will be fully

kindest regards
jamie Armstrong

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stephensons of Essex surprise new buses

Stephensons of Essex have taken delivery of  two Scania N230UB Alexander Dennis Enviro400's  for there essex services they are the first E400s with the company .there last deckers they bought were  optare olympus   but as optare will not body anythink but there own  Stephensons have made the move to aDL400 scanias .good move in my book . The new buses will be bases at the Rochford .

 there expected to be on olympic duties during the summer .the registrations and fleet numbers  of the new Enviro 400s are 601 -EU12 HXW  & 602 - EU12 HXY

601 -EU12 HXW (C) Pete Best

 602 - EU12 HXY (C) Pete Best

THANKS GO'S TO peter best and Stephensons

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Greenline upgrade service

Major Greenline upgrade on the Hemel Hampstead- london 758 service

GreenLine (Arriva) has just spent around  £300,000 on upgrading there 758 service with newer coaches previously on Arriva's National Express service. The coaches Vanhool T9 SB400S have replaced older vanhool T9'S SB3000'S . The seven new coaches have been re-aposted also now have air con and WIfi fitted.

  The overhaul represents an investment by Arriva of more than £300,000 as part of its ongoing commitment to providing customers with a quality service and great value.

Linsey Frostick, Marketing Manager for Green Line Coaches, said: “With major sporting events taking place in and around the city this summer, there’s even more of a reason for people to be heading to London.
“Our upgraded coaches are a great way for people to get out and about, with the added benefits of free Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to access the internet, providing them with the perfect opportunity to look at their emails or carry out research, as they make their way into central London. By opting for coach travel, passengers are not only guaranteed a seat rather than having to stand in a packed train carriage, but great value journeys that also deliver excellent cost savings.”

The 758 route, which was a product of the deregulation of coach services, started on 26 September 1981 with AEC   Reliance  and today’s route remains virtually unchanged since the original launch.  The route was the first Green Line service to serve housing estates and pick up commuters and was an immediate success. On the first day of operation, Nicholas Lyell QC, the then MP for Hemel Hempstead, travelled on the service along with 14 other people and after two weeks’ operation, the coaches were full.

Green Line aim is to offers great links to London from across Luton and Hertfordshire providing customers with great value and significant savings against train travel at convenient times

Photos below of the new refurbished coaches 

GL 758 exterior content
GL 758 interior

Thanks to arriva the shires for use of photo's and info 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Granta park Abington to take delivery of two brand new volvo'S

Granta park business park and research facility for Bioscience witch is located south of Cambridge near Linton are to replace there two 51 plate Setra's coach shown here with two brand new volvo wright eclipse B7's that are sat at volvo ely at the moment regs of them are not known yet . as for why there have gone across to buses over the coach i dont know. All i know is i hope the rude foul mouth driver isn't driving if your trying to photo them  if so be ready for him . any way photos below of the buses sat at volvo ely  

info from volvo trucks and buses Ely

Monday, 25 June 2012

Dews of Somersham : fleet up date

Dews take deliver of two more buses and a coach 

Dews have taken delivery of two ex east Yorkshire motor services Volvo B10m Alexander citybuses they are  F242MBA & G613OTV with G613 gone in to a  ''special jubilee livery'' shown here  .
 There taken delivery of a Volvo B12B/Jonckheere SHV which is has been re registered to 178 DEW that reg was on a setra 

F242MBA seen in Swaversey 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

New Busway bus sneaky peak

On Friday i took a trip up to volvo Ely to see if the new wright eclipse b7s for stagecoach to use on the busway had arrived. Which they had and was lucky to get access to see them and photo the three what was there at the time and one just arriving after delivery run witch leaves one left to come . i also took a 2 min walk down to stagecoach ely depot to my amazement the three scania E400S were sat there where i tryed to get a photo outside and was told by the depot manager to ''come in and have a look''. well i couldn't say no to a offer like that and went in to photo them buses seen at stagecoach ely were  
15812 AE12GCK,15813 AE12CKJ &15814 AE12CKK  
seen at volvo ely were 
21232-AE12CJO, 21233-AE12CJU, 21234-AE12CJV & 21235-AE12CJX  with 21231-AE12CJJ to be delivered 

The extra buses are to be used on the Peterborough  excitation and Ramsay excitation    


21233-AE12CJU & 21234-AE12CJV
15812 AE12GCK,15813 AE12CKJ &15814 AE12CKK  

15814 AE12CKK

BIG thanks to volvo ely for letting me in to photo them and the same at stagecoach ely depot

Thursday, 14 June 2012

stagecoach tour bus to Duxford i.w.m

stagecoach Cambridge have resprayed  the former stagecoach fens mini pointer dart   in to sightseeing livery for a there new hourly tour to Duxford iwm . the service will form a key transport link with Cambridge to the museum after it lost is citi7 bus service . the tour bus costs £16.50 this includes entry    to the museum witch is cheaper than just turning up at the iwm by 50P person  
the livery is the standard city sightseeing red with Duxford iwm branding as shown below the service stops at the rail stn and silver st from Cambridge city centrer  
for timetable click here  

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tour bus three back and ended service

Stagecoach Cambridge have entered there third Alx 400 trident in to there sightseeing service in Cambridge with 17274 X274NNO  ex east London buses .this bus has also been re engined to euro 5  . The next bus expected to be back from it been re engine and open top conversion is 17275 X377NNO

 17274 X274NNO seen in drummer st

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Delaine place order

Delaine have placed an order for there third volvo b9 wright gemini 2 . it is due next year and will be 153 AD62DBL
photo below of 152 AD12DBL at there depot 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Peterborough new E400S enter service

stagecoach  Peterborough's 4 new e400s (10010-100013  AE12CKA/C/D/F) have entered service on the citi 6 from the city to Hampton   this has displaced the tridents to bedford or cambridge with 18424 going to Fenstanton to replace the burnt out shell of 18059 
10012 AE12CKD seen on lay-over at queensgate  on a sunny evening 

Go Whippet update plus new buses

Go Whippet take on another two B7TL  this time via Dawson rentals. the buses in question are LN51AZL & LN51AZW and is are sat at whippet with LN51AZL on pits being tuned there  said be going in to the new whippet livery no idea what that is at the moment .

LN51AZW & LN51AZL  stated off with sovereign (London) as  VLP14 &VLP 8  in dec 2001  and operated mainly on the 114 Ruislip - Victoria Road - Harrow - Queensbury - Mill Hill Broadway & the 183 Pinner - Harrow - Kingsbury - Hendon - Golders Green 

Other Whippet news is that leyland oly K713ASC has been resprayed in to a ''new livery'' im unsure if this will be the new standerd livey or not but time will tell photo below of K713ASC  in its new livery


stagecoach fens new Busway changes and new buses

Stagecoach are upping there Busway service A Trumpington P&R to St Ives .And service B Huntingdon to Cambridge  From every 20 mins to every 15. so along the busway that will give them a combined service of every 7-8 mins From the 10th of June also from then the Service B will   not sever the top part of Ramsay rd and hills rise in st Ives but the A will serve it instead witch means there will no longer be a stagecoach service from hills rise to Huntingdon   which  mean there only be a whippet services connecting people to  Huntingdon which  is only a good thing giveing more trade to there local opp whippet  

For the service changes means more buses eight in fact made up of five Wright b7 eclipse's  and three scania enviro 400's   

regs and fleet numbers are 
Wright  eclipse's

15813 AE12CKJ

ALL due for week commencing  june the 4st

As shown below a photo from ukbus photos is a photo of a busway wright eclipse at the factory in Ireland  

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New camera

im pleased to say I have up dated to a Fuji fine-pix S100fs ive gone back to Fuji after the cannon 350D.
It is allowing me to take much higher quality photos now as shown below  
with 19600-AE10BXN taken in histon (Cambridgeshire) i hope to be showing you many new photos of the new S100 to see my photos please take a look at my flicker here

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

coach show 2012 results

On Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd the Coach displays coach driver of the year took place where coach drivers and company's would battle for many trophies . But the one that all the driver was the coach driver of the year trophie  what would go to the driver who git around the course the with the least amount of penalties at the end .
The weather for the day wasn't the best on Saturday but brightend up in the afternoon witch is probally why it had a poor turn out on the Saturday when i was there . this year the show played host to the new bus for london or ''borrismaster'' where theyparked it next to the original Routemaster as shown  below .

he ''borrismaster'' was open to have alook around which i did have a look and very plastic to be honest but worth a bash if i saw it in london but at least the seat were comfy that about all i can say is good about it also for some reason there two enviro 200 was entered one from Stevenson of Essex and one from Paul S Winston with probably the most impressive air horn to be fitted to a bus as shown below  . there was also an array of vintage coaches as well as brand spanking new plaxton and vdl bova products on the trade stands to see photos of the day click here
Richard Grey, Managing Director, Grey's of ELy being awarded the UK Coach Driver of the Year Trophy by Peter Hendy, London Traffic Commissioner

Alan Goodwin Trophy
(The Highest Placed Coach Operator in all Classes)
36Sharpes of Nottingham
The UK Coach Rally Coach Driver of the Year
(Sponsored by Wrightsure Insurance)
40Richard Grey
Greys of Ely
The UK Coach Rally Coach of the Year58Parrys International Tours
The UK Coach Rally Bus Driver of the Year
(Sponsored by Wrightsure Insurance)
1BLiam Spencer
Paul S Winson
The UK Coach Rally Bus of the Year1BPaul S Winson
Top Team of the Year21Stanley Travel
Peter Bostock Trophy
(Highest placed driver in Saturday test)
26Sharpes of Nottingham
Mini Coach Driver of the Year13Ben Harpin
Cedar Coaches
Midi Coach Driver of the Year26Kevin Walker
York Pullman
West Middlesex Coach Operators Association Trophy
(Runner-Up to Coach Driver of the Year)
41Tom Williams
Dews Coaches
Directors Challenge
(Sponsored by Gretna Green World Famous Blacksmiths Shop)
Darren Brown
Crawley Luxury

Concours D'elegance Awards

Top Mini/Midi
(Class 1A or 2A)
Top Standard Coach
(Class AA or AAA)
21Paul S Winson
Top Touring/Express Luxury Coach
(Class B)
3Stanley Travel
Top Executive Coach
(Class D)
-Not Awarded
Top Coach Aged 5 Years or Older (Class E)36Sharpes of Nottingham
Rita Dalziel Trophy
(Top coach 25 years or older)
-Not Awarded
John Fielder Memorial Trophy
(Top coach from a small fleet)
47Jay & Kay Coach Tours

Concours D'elegence Manufacturers Awards

VDL Berkhof Trophy
(Top VDL Berkhof)
-Not Awarded
Salvador Caetano Trophy
(Top Caetano)
19The Kings Ferry
Neoplan Trophy
(Top Neoplan)
-Not Awarded
VDL Jonckheere Trophy
(Top Jonckheere)
28Motts Travel
Plaxton Trophy
(Top Plaxton)
21Stanley Travel
Beulas Trophy
(Top Beulas)
35Banstead Coaches
Kirkby Trophy
(Top Coach Supplied by Kirkby)
5Paul S Winson
Van Hool Trophy
(Top Van Hool)
58Parrys International Tours
Moseley Trophy
(Top Van Hool Supplied by Moseley)
58Parrys International Tours
Bova Trophy
(Top Bova Supplied by Moseley)
47Jay & Kay Coach Tours
Volvo Trophy
(Top Coach Supplied by Volvo Coach Sales)
41Dews Coaches
BASE Trophy
(Top Marcopolo)
15Mike de Courcey Travel
Best Scania-Not Awarded
Best Irizar Integral30Stewarts Coaches

Special Awards

Terry Porteous Trophy
(Top Optare/Autobus)
-Not Awarded
Clarkes Trophy
(Best Disabled Access)
-Not Awarded
Boons Award
(Best Co-ordinated D├ęcor)
26York Pullman Bus Co
Peter Rogers Memorial Trophy58Parrys International Tours
Cymru Trophy
(Top Coach from Wales)
20DJ Thomas Coaches
Tony Roose Trophy
(Top Coach from Scotland)
38Prentice Westwood
The Fred Bibby Award
(Best Loved Coach ☺)
21Stanley Travel
Drivers Quiz
(Compiled by CPT)
21Stanley Travel
LTCOA Martin Cornell Trophy
(Highest placed LTCOA member in all classes)
3Clarkes of London
Smartest uniformed driver &/or courier3Clarkes of London

so if you want to go next year well 13th and 14th of april 2013 at the showground

see photos of the day click here

Friday, 20 April 2012

Major service changes on stagecoach Cambridgeshire

Major service changes on stagecoach Cambridgeshire from 10 of june some good some bad the changes listed with vosa are

  Arbury and Fulbourn given service number 1  amend Route and Timetable.

Werrington and Orton Wistow given service number 1 amend Timetable.

Bretton Centre and Paston Ridings given service number 2  amend Timetable.

 Bretton Centre and Yaxley given service number 3 To amend Timetable.

Ramsey and Huntingdon given service number 30/5  To amend Route and Timetable.

Cambridge and Gamlingay given service number 18/18A To amend Timetable.

St Ives and Cambridge given service number 95/96 To amend Route and Timetable.

 Milton P&R site and Babraham Road  PR 3  To amend Route and Timetable.
    Fison Road and Fulbourn given service number 3  To amend Route and Timetable.

Cambridge and Bar Hill service 5 to amend Timetable.

Oakington and City Centre given service number 6 effective To amend Timetable.
Cambridge and Saffron Walden given service number 7 To amend Route and Timetable.

Cambridge and Ely given service number 12 To amend Route and Timetable.
Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds given service number 11  To amend Timetable.

Cambridge and Chatteris given service number 9  To amend Route and Timetable.

City Centre and Cambourne given service number 4  To amend Route and Timetable.

Fen Estate and Stetchworth given service number 17 To amend Route and Timetable.

Cancellation Accepted  Haverhill and Burrough Green  service number 19 

Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Caldecote and Cambridge service number 14 

Cottenham and Addenbrooke's given service number 8 . To amend Route and Timetable.

Cambridge and Chatteris given service number X8 To amend Route and Timetable.
 Registration Accepted
 Starting Point: Porson Road
 Finish Point: Sawston Village College
 Service Number: 7
 Service Type: Normal Stopping
 Effective Date: 10-JUN-2012
 Other Details: One journey in each direction school days only
 Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Ely and March given service number 9 
 Registration Accepted
 Starting Point: Addenbrooke's Hospital
 Finish Point: Madingley Rd P&R
Service Number: UNI 4
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 10-JUN-2012

Peterborough and Ramsey given service number 31 to amend Route and Timetable.

Peterborough and March given service number 33 to amend Route and Timetable.

Cambridge and St Ives given service number 5 to amend Route and Timetable.

St Neots and St Neots given service number 61 to amend Route and Timetable.

Huntingdon and St Neots given service number 66 effective to amend Route and Timetable. 

March and Huntingdon given service number 35 effective To amend Route and Timetable.

St Ives and Huntingdon given service number 45 effective  To amend Timetable.

Registration Accepted
Starting Point: Cambridge
Finish Point: St Neots
Service Number: X4
Service Type: Limited Stop
Effective Date: 10-JUN-2012
Other Details: Monday to Saturday every 30 minutes

Registration Accepted
Starting Point: St Neots Market Square
Finish Point: St Neots College
Service Number: 75
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 10-JUN-2012
Other Details: 1 journey in each direction school days only

So there the service to changed or withdrawn . Now thanks to suzy scott of Here To There Publishing has found out the changes to the service and time tables rather than me copy and paste to here heres a direct link to her post  HERE where your also find the timetables :)