Tuesday, 15 May 2012

stagecoach fens new Busway changes and new buses

Stagecoach are upping there Busway service A Trumpington P&R to St Ives .And service B Huntingdon to Cambridge  From every 20 mins to every 15. so along the busway that will give them a combined service of every 7-8 mins From the 10th of June also from then the Service B will   not sever the top part of Ramsay rd and hills rise in st Ives but the A will serve it instead witch means there will no longer be a stagecoach service from hills rise to Huntingdon   which  mean there only be a whippet services connecting people to  Huntingdon which  is only a good thing giveing more trade to there local opp whippet  

For the service changes means more buses eight in fact made up of five Wright b7 eclipse's  and three scania enviro 400's   

regs and fleet numbers are 
Wright  eclipse's

15813 AE12CKJ

ALL due for week commencing  june the 4st

As shown below a photo from ukbus photos is a photo of a busway wright eclipse at the factory in Ireland  

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