Thursday, 8 December 2011

anglian bus trial's a man gas bus

Anglian Bus will be trialling an MAN GAS BUS(wx61fxo)  from 8th Dec to 23rd Dec 2011: it has been with norse (norwich) this week on the 100 to  County Hall Circular it will be with Anglia till christmas here are the service it will be doing 

Service 525 on 8th & 9th Dec
Service 601 on 12th/13th/15th/16th Dec
Service 588 on 19th/20th/21st/22nd Dec

it started off demo life off with stagecoach Merseyside side as photo shows  here

Friday, 2 December 2011

oxford bus company's new coach's

oxford bus company are to get 18 new scania plaxton Panther's for there airport services's from Oxford
the regs are as shown below and there due mid December

Scania K360EB / Plaxton  Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton  Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

megabus's news with new vahool Astromegas on there way for wale

News has just come in to me about the movment of coaches and  new vahools astromegas for the cwmbran depot they are as follows
50235 CN61 FAK
50236 CN61 FAM
50237 CN61 FAO
50238 CN61 FAU
50239 CN61 FBA
50240 CN61 FBB
50241 CN61 FBC
50242 CN61 FBD
50243 CN61 FBE
 when the new vahools enter service they will replace the B12'S (54001/2/3/4/5/6/7)and B13 (54101) at Cwmbran. and move to rugby after there been plaxton for new toilets and a respray  once there at rugby there replace the b10 jonks sadly also three more of the panther II B9'S are due at rugby by the end of this week 

Dews Coaches of somersham *NEW B13R*

(c) ron dew 

Dews Coaches of Somersham has taken delivery of a new 13-metre B13R Volvo 53-seater with 9700 bodywork, the company’s first new Volvo coach in 14 years.
Says Simon Dew: “Volvo provided a B13R demonstrator earlier this year, it performed well and we really liked it. Off the back of that we decided to open discussions about purchasing a new coach”.
The tri-axle coach has Volvo’s 13-litre 460bhp Euro 5 engine, and I-Shift 12-speed automated gearbox. Dews has put the coach on its international tour programme.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Trent Barton buys felix bus

Wellglade – which owns Trent Barton – has bought the Ilkeston-Derby bus operation of Stanley-based Felix.
It is taking on the 10 staff and the six buses used by Felix, which started its bus operations on the route in 1924, is one of the few remaining pre-deregulation independent bus operators.
The Ilkeston Flyer provides an express service into Derby whilst the Black Cat follows a route via Stanley and Chaddesden into the city centre. 
The assets involved in the agreement – sold for an undisclosed sum - will be transferred at the end of January 2012. Meanwhile Felix will retain its own brand name and continue its coach operations.

The following buses will pass to Wellglade

Scanias (YN03 YRA), (YN04 AGY), YN05 GZB).

VDLs (YJ56 KBF), (YJ08 EFL).

Volvo (FL10 NFV)

The Volvo is expected to go to Kinchbus on the SkyLink service.

The date of sale is end Jan 2012, Felix will retain the solos, and the V and M
plate volvos to operate Kirk Hallam schools until the end of March 2012 when the
operators licence expires.

The coach work, but not the coaches themselves, will pass to Swiftsure of
Burton-on-Trent. The coaches will be sold.

London 26th november

well what can i say london on the 26th was great lot's of coaches to photo lots trains and buses bashed .

so it began with 19589 on the 6:20am citi8 from histon to cambridge and the a quick swap on to 19619 to the rail stn as was hopeing to get on the 6:45 due to the citi8 running early in to town but that failed when i finally got through the ticket barriers as i see the train go past me on it way to london D'oh . but not to worry i got the next first capital connect train

WA61AKU  on the 446 kings lynn to london seen on park lane

SJI1631 at west ham stagecoach depot
that was  317-343 on a full 1h25min stopper so i hopped on as was nice and toasty head phones in my ears and a bit of  clapton the time flew past with and by 8:20 i arrived in to kings cross i quickly headed for the underground and got the victora line to victora  were i then don my first 455-838 to clapham jcn then 377-303 & 377-318 back to victora after i arived back in victora i took a 3 min walk to the coach station to get my ''fix'' of megabus b10m jonks i didnt have to wait long when 52659-V909DDY arriverd just as i was off to get a bacon roll and tea for just £2 bargin. i then stood at the top of vcs by the oxford tube stop on the corner about a hour later after photoing many new lavanies  and megabus i took wvl76 from vcs to victora then done HV30 from victora to marble arch  as i jumped off it due to the fact i just passed the brand new greys of ely panther 2 after i happly photoed it i stop on a grass bank  on park lane photoing many new coaches  includeing a kings ferry vip coach ,a  brand new chaffont volvo b13 vanhool (get in ) i photoed many other coaches in the time i was there i then after traveling around wills mothers and half of north west london to stratford (dont ask ) to photo the mega bus sleeper coach at west ham depot  after photoing it i went on a random jolly around london of bashing both bus and train photos off the day can be fould  here 

buses and trains bashed
19589 histon to cambridge citi8
19619 cambridge to cambridge rail stn citi1
WVL76 vcs -victora 44 go ahead
HV30 victora - marble arch  72 arriva london
PVL325 marble arch - sussex gardens
SEL750 Sussex gardens- paddington 7 metroline
TE1101 paddington-maids of ale 332 metroline
DLD173 kings cross -angel stn 274 metroline
HDC7 angle stn-liverpool st 153 CT plus
WVL414 canningtown to east ham 474 go ahead
DE94 victora-victora coach stn c1 london united
pvl200 Vaxhall-covent garden market 87 go ahead
E138 covent garden market -vaxhall 77 go ahead
vle44 charring cross -aldwich 9 london united
tp417 aldwich-barbican 4 metroline
15156 barbican-angel stn 56 stagecoach london
DW426 angle-holborn 38 arivva london
317-343 cambridge to kings cross (first capital connect) 
455-838 victora to clapham jcn  (southern)
377-204 + 377-126 clapham jcn to victora  (southern)
378-215 wilsden jct - west Hampstead  (london overground)
319-437 West Hampstead- st Pancras  (first capital connect)
321-319 + 321-353 liverpool st - stratford (National express east Anglia)
357-209 West ham - fenchurch st  (c2c)
377-204 + 377-126 victora- clapham jcn    (southern)
455-912  clapham jcn-vaxhall  (south west trains)
450-567+450-549 vaxhall-waterloo  (south west trains)
465-173 + 465-037 waterloo east - charring cross  (south easten)
365-525 +365-507 kings cross-cambridge  (first capital connect)

victora line
bakerloo line
northen line
DLR -stratford-star lane

photos of the day can be fould  here 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Trip to Cambridge

Had a trip in to Cambridge today to meet up with a mate on the 75's . on my way to town i took the busway from Histon to The science park  to have a look up cowley rd  to have a look up the depot so see what was about and to some good luck i was lucky to see newly converted sighseeing trident 17079-T679KPU just leaving on it day of touring around Cambridge . also noted was 17078  had been put on to  private plate TSU369 this was thanks to one of the mechanic's coming a cross to me at the fence asking if i could send him a photo of him driving 22315 up  to the depot in return he was saying that all the new open tops are to have private plates but the rest are still unknown at present but left me another time to photo it on it new plates        

17078 showing it new plate TSU369

17079-T679KPU with it original reg at the moment 

rear of 17079
 After my trip up to cowley  rd i walked back to science park to get a bus in to town i landed 19308-AE07KZK on milton p+r to cambridge  were i meet up with a driver mate at whippet and took a trip with him on the 75 with k713ASC which was a first time on that bus for me and rare to see it in cambridge now days. you cant beat a good leyland olys in Cambridge after my two hour  around trip to croydon and back it was time to go to back to work . so i decided to get the citi 8 back to histon which produced 19611-AE11BYA all in all not a bad day in the city .london tomorow who knows what the day will bring a full report  of the day will be posted here on sunday 
k713asc leaveing on the 14:00 75 to orwell

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

52644-ksu461 back on X5

It brings me great delight to tell you that 52644-ksu461 is now starting to show again on the X5 after a good 18 months absence it back and still as great if not better. ksu has been called to the ''front line'' as the b10ble at Bedford have been band on the x5 due to lack of luggage space. so ksu461 is a stand in along with 52485-R185DNH as well as the usual b7 coaches so keep your eyes piled for the b10's  .i was lucky to catch it on the 16th of November as i got the heads up it was on the 10:30 Cambridge to Oxford.  
so i done it as far as St Neots  and was brillant still as quick to pick up speed

sat at parkside cambridge about to work the 10:30 to oxford

loading up at st neots to continue on to oxford 

big thanks to chris for the top gen and info 

going for gold-line on X4

As said earlier on the  x4 Peterborough to Milton Keynes  via  Northampton  is receiving 13 scania e400's with leather seats WiFi and air-con there numbered 15739-51  and are due to enter service on the 26th of this mouth with the current standard  scania  E400s going on the 50 (Kettering to Bedford) as said earlier and the rest to go on the x46 & x47 (Thrapston  to Northampton)   I will be having a trip to  next Saturday to sample them   from Peterborough to oundle fall run up off that day will be posted on here of the events of the day

two of the new scania E400's having branding added  photo (c) mutlys bus fots  

Thanks go's to Steve Buckley and sir Annan  for info and photo 

Go whippet latest respray

Go whippet have resprayed one of there alx 400 volvo b7tl  (V185OOE)  in to a long road  livery for it new long road six form contract. the service runs from long road via rail stn to Cambridge city centre . this service is for long rd students only and runs Monday to Friday term  time only 

thanks to chipmunk for the heads up

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Abellio Greater Anglia

As we all know national express east anglia are giveing up their franchise. it has been   awarded to Abellio
and the franchise will be called Abellio Greater Anglia .The duration of the contract is 29 months but abellio have some big plans to come such as 
•A new cycle hire scheme at Norwich station and cycle storage points at 15 stations, including space for 500 bicycles at Chelmsford.

•Up to 300 new car parking spaces, plus a further 300 at Shenfield and Wickford stations, subject to planning approval.

•Cleaning and painting of 141 stations across the franchise.

•Other improvements to be made by the new operator will include updates to existing ticket machines to make them more user-friendly, the installation of 28 new ticket machines at stations across the network and the introduction of online season ticketing.

•Oyster pay-as-you-go will be extended to cover the following
stations: Theobalds Grove, Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Brentwood, Shenfield, Broxbourne, Rye House, St Margarets, Ware and Hertford East.

•Car drivers will see improvements with the provision of a total of 300 new car parking spaces at specific stations (subject to planning approvals). Meanwhile 300 new parking spaces will be provided at Shenfield and Wickford stations (subject to planning approvals) while 100 pay and display machines in station car parks will be replaced.
The new operator will also be required to install electrical car points at 20 stations.

•The new operator will also run a six month trial of a scheduled bus service between Saffron Walden and Audley End station, the introduction of a PlusCab service that will allow customers to book a taxi from 45 stations with pre-agreed fares based on a zonal pricing structureand a complimentary refreshments service for first class passengers on the London to Norwich and Stansted Express services.

•Information desks will be built at Cambridge, Norwich and Stansted Airport, and six new kiosks will be built at Bishops Stortford, Chelmsford, Colchester (two), Ipswich and Stratford. A new information desk will also be installed at Liverpool Street Station.

•Two new customer panels will be established and the new operator will also recruit a team of multi-lingual volunteers to provide information to customers in or around affected stations during the Olympics and Paralympics. Meanwhile a Smartphone App specifically for the Olympics will be developed which will provide real-time service information and directions to stations.

•A total of 141 stations will be refreshed and the whole the train fleet will be deep cleaned (except the class 379s), including all surfaces and floor coverings, toilets and lighting. In addition the interior of the class 321 units will be refreshed and CCTV will be fitted to 68 class 321 vehicles.    
The franchise starts in feb 2012  
 this will be their thired   UK rail franchise as they already have the successful  Merseyrail and Northern Rail businesses. i wish them all the best with the franchise 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Megabus update

A lot been going on with megabus over the last couple of months includeing a new overnight sleeper service between Glasgow and London it the first one of it kind in the UK . the service will use three bendi 
one Volvo b10 Jonckheere Mistral's 51062-SJI1631  (click reg for photo) and two Volvo b10 Jonckheere Modulo 51092 & 51096  still un sure what ''new'' reg plate there going to be given  yet . 
The coaches are fitted with 24 seats and 24 beds  Passengers will also have access to a toilet, free Wi-Fi, on-board refreshments and a complimentary overnight pack containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of water, an eye mask and a luggage label. Each berth has a reading light and curtain for extra privacy, as well as a duvet, pillow and blanket. Prices for the service will start from just £1 up to £40 plus 50p booking fee the service is to start on the 21st of October photos of in side the coach are here beds  seats welcome pack . 
THE Depart Glasgow at 23:10 and arrive in London at 07:00
and Depart London at 23.55 and arrive in Glasgow at 07:45

Other news is that stagecoach have ten new Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther II for there new Birmingham to Edinburgh service M18 the coaches are 
53636-KX61GDU 53637-KX61GDV 53638-KX61GDY  53639-KX61GDZ
53640-KX61GEJ  53641-KX61GEK   53642-KX61GEU   53643-KX61GEY
                             53644-KX61GFA  53645-KX61GFE
The above coaches will be based at rugby 

From January 2012 there will be no more of the Volvo b10 Jonckheere Mistral's going in to london to the new low emissions(excepted the sleeper service ) so   52645/52647/52648/52649/52657/52658/52659 cant go into london from 2012  they will instead be used on other cross country services that avoid London  

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Trent Barton's new optare Tempo SR's

 Trent Barton  and UK bus manufacturer Optare and design consultancy Best Impressions  and with help from ranbow 4 (soon to be i4) customers on the  shape and  the eye-catching design of the new bus. 
The new Tempo SR'S that are to join Trent Barton fleet  by the end of the year are  12-metre long with 41 seats trimmed in a specially designed fabric and space for 44 standing passengers and feature double-glazed windows and an on-board, six-camera CCTV system. The  first of 13 Tempo SR buses will be delivered later this year and will operate on the Rainbow 4 route soon to be re branded I4, which operates every 10 minutes between Derby and Nottingham via Sandiacre and Stapleford. The new buses will also be the first to feature Trent Barton's new logo.
new Tempo SR (C) trent barton 

(C) trent barton 

thanks to the ram at tb for photos and info

Monday, 17 October 2011

out & about bus bash around Cambridge

On Friday i had a days bashing the stagecoach and whippet buses around Cambridge on my trip i meet up some of my driver mates as well as a trip up to cowly rd  (stagecoach cambridge's bus depot) to see what was there even spotted a 66 on chesterton siding what made a nice surprise
buses i bashed was as follows
21222-AE09GYS histon busway  stop to oakington busway stop  service A
21225-AE09GYV Oakington busway stop to science park busway stop service A
223320-AE51RYW science park to Cambridge city center  service citi 2
GO whippet G824UMU Cambridge-Croydon- Cambridge service 75
15658-AE10HFB Cambridge-oakington busway stop service B
21227-AE09GYW Oakington busway stop- histon busway stop service A
21230-AE09GZA Histon busway stop to cambridge city center service A
21229-AE09GYZ  Cambridge parkside to Cambridge new square service A
GO whippet G824UMU Cambridge-Croydon  service 75
GO whippet G824UMU Croydon-Swavesey depot --
15462-AE09GYK  Swavesey busway stop to cambridge Bridge st service B
19583-AE10BWU Cambridge Bridge st to Cambridge city center
15463-AE09GYN Cambridge city center to Histon busway stop service B

Bedfords  52437-R37AKV
after a pop down to the depot im now told stagecoach in Newcastle are finishing the rest of the trident open top conversions except 17079 what is still at Lincoln 17099 is still up cowly rd withdrawn pile along with three ex bedford leyland olys three volvo ps and Three P81-GMU olys  and two R66-DRP OLYS   also seen up cowly rd on training was stagecoach bedfords  52437-R37AKV also seen up cowly rd was 21223-AE09GYT what had substantiated accident (nothing major ) 34441 KV53EZU was across from stagecoach fens for  mot  seen on Chesterton sideing (opposite side of cowly rd ) was  DBS 66192

Also seen in town was two oSelwyns 11 plate volvo b12 plaxton elites as well as one of simonds vanhool coaches  
some of the other shots of the day below

Thursday, 6 October 2011

volvo B5L hybrid decker go's on loan to go whippet

whippet coaches have a volvo B5L hybrid decker on loan till monday BK10MGV was seen today at histon on  mabby it only day on the busway  as it could be used on other service such as the 1A (Hunts to Camb's ) . 
I managed to get  someone opinion of the bus from a mr Christopher bowles how travelled on it he said ''its very comfortable. I have to say. It was a bit off putting when the diesel bit cut out & the generator power cut in - it almost felt like it was stalling, even though it wasn't. However I think you'd get used to that within 4 or 5 journeys on it. It was so lovely & quiet when slowing down to pull into bus stops, and not that noisy when pulling away either. Not a bad ride at all actually, the B5 engine sounds quite. quite different to a B7 or B10''.

It did make for some good photos on the busway near  histon photos and video below enjoy 


big thanks to the flying chipmunk for the heads up and  Christopher bowles for his views on the ride

30 mins at the busway in histon

I was in the area of the busway yesterday at Histon with my camera so done a 30 min stint just north of histon's busway stop  buses seen was whippet's volvo b7 plaxton centro stagecoach's scania E400's and there volvo b7 Eclipse Urban And also the bus of most interest was whippets ''ghost of the busway'' there ex Demo    volvo b7 Eclipse Urban which has had to be put in to service after one of there centro's is off the road at the moment awaiting a replacement window.  photos below of what was seen enjoy
AE09GYS showing the drivers opinion of the busway :)

BG59FYD on service c


AE09GYD on service B


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Goldline spec buses for X4

Stagecoach midland's are taking delivery of 12 scania N230UD ADL E400 in November for the X4 service from Peterborough to Northampton.
 The buses will be based at at kettering with the current scanias e400s ''bus spec'' on the x4 are likely to be used   on the kettering to bedford (49/50) service  the new E400 will be numbered 15739-15751
leather seats
Air con

Thanks to the Dumfries decoy for the info

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

national express east anglia hire in class 150

National Express East Anglia have hired a class 150 two car due to unit shortage the class 150 which is 150-280 from arriva Wales trains the unit is set to work the following lines  Norwich to Sheringham  Norwich to Great Yarmouth & Norwich to lowestoft  
150280 ran e.c.s from  Cardiff Canton to Norwich Crown Point on 5Z30 today (04/10/11)
150-280 working 5Z30  seen at just out side march(camb's)  ©rob brooks  
A big thanks to Tony Irle for advanced heads up and a big thanks for rob for allowing me to use his photo check out robs flicker here