Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Megabus update

A lot been going on with megabus over the last couple of months includeing a new overnight sleeper service between Glasgow and London it the first one of it kind in the UK . the service will use three bendi 
one Volvo b10 Jonckheere Mistral's 51062-SJI1631  (click reg for photo) and two Volvo b10 Jonckheere Modulo 51092 & 51096  still un sure what ''new'' reg plate there going to be given  yet . 
The coaches are fitted with 24 seats and 24 beds  Passengers will also have access to a toilet, free Wi-Fi, on-board refreshments and a complimentary overnight pack containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of water, an eye mask and a luggage label. Each berth has a reading light and curtain for extra privacy, as well as a duvet, pillow and blanket. Prices for the service will start from just £1 up to £40 plus 50p booking fee the service is to start on the 21st of October photos of in side the coach are here beds  seats welcome pack . 
THE Depart Glasgow at 23:10 and arrive in London at 07:00
and Depart London at 23.55 and arrive in Glasgow at 07:45

Other news is that stagecoach have ten new Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther II for there new Birmingham to Edinburgh service M18 the coaches are 
53636-KX61GDU 53637-KX61GDV 53638-KX61GDY  53639-KX61GDZ
53640-KX61GEJ  53641-KX61GEK   53642-KX61GEU   53643-KX61GEY
                             53644-KX61GFA  53645-KX61GFE
The above coaches will be based at rugby 

From January 2012 there will be no more of the Volvo b10 Jonckheere Mistral's going in to london to the new low emissions(excepted the sleeper service ) so   52645/52647/52648/52649/52657/52658/52659 cant go into london from 2012  they will instead be used on other cross country services that avoid London  

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