Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Galloway coaches fleet changes

Galloway's have taken delivery of six  band new volvo b9   caetano levante for there new national express route 250 Ipswich to heathrow airport as well as seeing use on there ipswich to london services.
The regs of the new coaches are
FJ61EVN seen at london V.C.S on 24/09/11

other changes in the fleet are
 National express coach VDL SB4000 vanhool  FJ54CGE re registered 2513PP 
 National express coach VDL SB4000 vanhool  YJ54CKN re registered 2086PP
Both are due in fleet livery next year 
also Plaxton Paramount fleet number 114 is withdrawn and will be scraped

big thanks to sir rob for the info  check out robs blog here

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