Thursday, 6 October 2011

volvo B5L hybrid decker go's on loan to go whippet

whippet coaches have a volvo B5L hybrid decker on loan till monday BK10MGV was seen today at histon on  mabby it only day on the busway  as it could be used on other service such as the 1A (Hunts to Camb's ) . 
I managed to get  someone opinion of the bus from a mr Christopher bowles how travelled on it he said ''its very comfortable. I have to say. It was a bit off putting when the diesel bit cut out & the generator power cut in - it almost felt like it was stalling, even though it wasn't. However I think you'd get used to that within 4 or 5 journeys on it. It was so lovely & quiet when slowing down to pull into bus stops, and not that noisy when pulling away either. Not a bad ride at all actually, the B5 engine sounds quite. quite different to a B7 or B10''.

It did make for some good photos on the busway near  histon photos and video below enjoy 


big thanks to the flying chipmunk for the heads up and  Christopher bowles for his views on the ride

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