Thursday, 28 April 2011

quick round up of fleet movement


Anglian bus
Are taking delivery of  8 new buses made up of
5 Scania Omnilink
3 Optare Versa
all above on 11plates

 Now in sevice
YT11LTA- Scania omnicity

In from metroline (london) Dennis dart T152AUA
In from london united dennis trident's (TA252) LG02FCA & TA255 LG02FCE
Out Volvo oly's R251LGH & R251LGH sold to abbey travel

DECKER BUS (Whittlesey)
 IN L203 SKD Volvo-Northern Counties Palatine II ex veolia england
IN E333MSG Leyland Olympian-Alexander RH ex  Lothian
IN P492 MBY  Volvo Olympian  ex Veolia
IN PIL3535 (ex P354VWR) Volvo B10M jonckheere mistral ex veolia wales
IN LUI 9627 (ex L767YTN)bova
OUT JSX 583T Leyland Atlantean / Alexander

Norfolk Green
In (7) YJ51ZVF Optare spectra daf 250 ex reading buses
In (8) YJ51ZVG Optare spectra daf 250 ex reading buses
In (9) YG02FWD Optare spectra daf 250 ex reading buses
In (107) YJ59 NNZ Optare Tempo ex  optare demo
In (124) AU05 FKB Irisbus Agoraline ex norse
In (125) AU05 FKD Irisbus Agoraline  ex norse
In (126) AU05 FKE Irisbus Agoraline  ex norse
In (127) AU05 FKF Irisbus Agoraline  ex norse
In (128) AU05 FKG Irisbus Agoraline ex norse
In (129) AU05 FKH Irisbus Agoraline ex norse

Go whippet
in 2x Volvo B7's due in  from London.

that all i can rember at the moment

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The 57th uk coach rally

This year I went to this The uk coach rally at  peterborough it was the first time i had been and well wouth it with with over 50 coaches with about 30 of them under 3 years old there was two new plaxton panther two's and a exstreamly beastly 1996/1997  Volvo B10M/Jonckheere Mistral 50 (photo) from decker bus of Whittlesey (near peterborough) .there was also two plaxton elites one from bluebird of Dorset (photo) and one from  paul s winson coaches of loughborough (photo) .Each coach had to do a lap of the coach show driveing course where you got to see some great driveing and some beastly thrash too espeally from  decker buses b10m . was agreat day i had well worth the trip via the X5 and train form st neoats photos from the day can be found HERE

22329-AE51RYH mill rd bridge to mill rd (top)
53272-KX56JZK parkside -st neoats
365522+365540 st neoats-Peterborough
YN08DGF Peterborough-Peterborough Showground
317340 Peterborough-st neoats
53610-KX58NCC st neoats -cambridge parkside

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

8th april cambridge -oxford-london and back to cambridge

On the 8th I went to oxford and london via a x5 to oxford and a oxford tube to london and National express 010 run by  ambassador travel of GT yarmouth  all for £16.50 would of got the oxford tube and x5 for £1 each if i booked it 34hour sooner but a fiver each is not bad really . the coaches i had for the day were
53605-KX58NBN from Cambridge-Oxford on x5 stagecoach bedford
50221-OX59AUT from Oxford-londonvictora  on oxford tube  stagecoach oxford
AB10- FJ09DXC  from London victora - cambridge on NX 010 ambassador travel of GT yarmouth

All coachs were great and really happy that i got ambassador travel on 010 and not TGM
oxford was great got  nearly all the stagecoach ADL e400  hybrid bus  and some of the older S reg mans and there natex elites including a 11 plate one to also got most of the park and ride tridents and the brocks bus scania e400s and also go most the gold line scainas and oxford bus company citrios

Now off to london victora down the m 40 on the oxfor Tube

london victora was great saw some megabuses and some natex 60 plates and a parks elite what was needed and also saw one of uno's pink darts on the new 712 to st albans this service is ex greenline
Also got to see the exstremly beastly megabus Plaxton Panther b13

MY lovely coach home above no rubbish TGM coach for me and got in to cambridge bang on time :)

for more photos of the day click here

Monday, 4 April 2011

NXEA new class 379s

National express east Anglia  have named 379005 it called the Stansted Express  i was lucky enough to bash  379005  on the 20:10 Liverpool st to to stansted Airport on the 3rd of march . I had it from Tottenham hail to Bishop Stortford it was very pleasant  ride and comfortable  there are 30 due 18 for stansted express and 12 for the cambridge liverpool st

So far been made at crew and at ilford are
379005 Stansted Express
379005 at Bishop Stortford on it first ever service

379007 on a test run at cambridge on the 31st of march
379005 leaveing bishop stortford

THRIPLOW Daffodil fair 26 OF MARCH

On the 26/27 of march thriplow had a  Daffodil fair  with over 86 coaches were due over the weekend i went along to have a look to see what rolled up and glanced the Daff's too.
i saw about 35 coach's on the Saturday more were due on the Sunday .
photos from the day can be found HERE

The coach park was down a very narrow road with some tight bends and low trees as seen in photo above this would of been fun for Sullivan's buses what were due to bring a Decker down there also manage to get Woottens  new 60 plate below so all in all a good day

thanks for reading this post
regards Jamie