Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The 57th uk coach rally

This year I went to this The uk coach rally at  peterborough it was the first time i had been and well wouth it with with over 50 coaches with about 30 of them under 3 years old there was two new plaxton panther two's and a exstreamly beastly 1996/1997  Volvo B10M/Jonckheere Mistral 50 (photo) from decker bus of Whittlesey (near peterborough) .there was also two plaxton elites one from bluebird of Dorset (photo) and one from  paul s winson coaches of loughborough (photo) .Each coach had to do a lap of the coach show driveing course where you got to see some great driveing and some beastly thrash too espeally from  decker buses b10m . was agreat day i had well worth the trip via the X5 and train form st neoats photos from the day can be found HERE

22329-AE51RYH mill rd bridge to mill rd (top)
53272-KX56JZK parkside -st neoats
365522+365540 st neoats-Peterborough
YN08DGF Peterborough-Peterborough Showground
317340 Peterborough-st neoats
53610-KX58NCC st neoats -cambridge parkside

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