Tuesday, 12 April 2011

8th april cambridge -oxford-london and back to cambridge

On the 8th I went to oxford and london via a x5 to oxford and a oxford tube to london and National express 010 run by  ambassador travel of GT yarmouth  all for £16.50 would of got the oxford tube and x5 for £1 each if i booked it 34hour sooner but a fiver each is not bad really . the coaches i had for the day were
53605-KX58NBN from Cambridge-Oxford on x5 stagecoach bedford
50221-OX59AUT from Oxford-londonvictora  on oxford tube  stagecoach oxford
AB10- FJ09DXC  from London victora - cambridge on NX 010 ambassador travel of GT yarmouth

All coachs were great and really happy that i got ambassador travel on 010 and not TGM
oxford was great got  nearly all the stagecoach ADL e400  hybrid bus  and some of the older S reg mans and there natex elites including a 11 plate one to also got most of the park and ride tridents and the brocks bus scania e400s and also go most the gold line scainas and oxford bus company citrios

Now off to london victora down the m 40 on the oxfor Tube

london victora was great saw some megabuses and some natex 60 plates and a parks elite what was needed and also saw one of uno's pink darts on the new 712 to st albans this service is ex greenline
Also got to see the exstremly beastly megabus Plaxton Panther b13

MY lovely coach home above no rubbish TGM coach for me and got in to cambridge bang on time :)

for more photos of the day click here

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