Monday, 17 October 2011

out & about bus bash around Cambridge

On Friday i had a days bashing the stagecoach and whippet buses around Cambridge on my trip i meet up some of my driver mates as well as a trip up to cowly rd  (stagecoach cambridge's bus depot) to see what was there even spotted a 66 on chesterton siding what made a nice surprise
buses i bashed was as follows
21222-AE09GYS histon busway  stop to oakington busway stop  service A
21225-AE09GYV Oakington busway stop to science park busway stop service A
223320-AE51RYW science park to Cambridge city center  service citi 2
GO whippet G824UMU Cambridge-Croydon- Cambridge service 75
15658-AE10HFB Cambridge-oakington busway stop service B
21227-AE09GYW Oakington busway stop- histon busway stop service A
21230-AE09GZA Histon busway stop to cambridge city center service A
21229-AE09GYZ  Cambridge parkside to Cambridge new square service A
GO whippet G824UMU Cambridge-Croydon  service 75
GO whippet G824UMU Croydon-Swavesey depot --
15462-AE09GYK  Swavesey busway stop to cambridge Bridge st service B
19583-AE10BWU Cambridge Bridge st to Cambridge city center
15463-AE09GYN Cambridge city center to Histon busway stop service B

Bedfords  52437-R37AKV
after a pop down to the depot im now told stagecoach in Newcastle are finishing the rest of the trident open top conversions except 17079 what is still at Lincoln 17099 is still up cowly rd withdrawn pile along with three ex bedford leyland olys three volvo ps and Three P81-GMU olys  and two R66-DRP OLYS   also seen up cowly rd on training was stagecoach bedfords  52437-R37AKV also seen up cowly rd was 21223-AE09GYT what had substantiated accident (nothing major ) 34441 KV53EZU was across from stagecoach fens for  mot  seen on Chesterton sideing (opposite side of cowly rd ) was  DBS 66192

Also seen in town was two oSelwyns 11 plate volvo b12 plaxton elites as well as one of simonds vanhool coaches  
some of the other shots of the day below

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