Tuesday, 22 November 2011

52644-ksu461 back on X5

It brings me great delight to tell you that 52644-ksu461 is now starting to show again on the X5 after a good 18 months absence it back and still as great if not better. ksu has been called to the ''front line'' as the b10ble at Bedford have been band on the x5 due to lack of luggage space. so ksu461 is a stand in along with 52485-R185DNH as well as the usual b7 coaches so keep your eyes piled for the b10's  .i was lucky to catch it on the 16th of November as i got the heads up it was on the 10:30 Cambridge to Oxford.  
so i done it as far as St Neots  and was brillant still as quick to pick up speed

sat at parkside cambridge about to work the 10:30 to oxford

loading up at st neots to continue on to oxford 

big thanks to chris for the top gen and info 

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