Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Trent Barton buys felix bus

Wellglade – which owns Trent Barton – has bought the Ilkeston-Derby bus operation of Stanley-based Felix.
It is taking on the 10 staff and the six buses used by Felix, which started its bus operations on the route in 1924, is one of the few remaining pre-deregulation independent bus operators.
The Ilkeston Flyer provides an express service into Derby whilst the Black Cat follows a route via Stanley and Chaddesden into the city centre. 
The assets involved in the agreement – sold for an undisclosed sum - will be transferred at the end of January 2012. Meanwhile Felix will retain its own brand name and continue its coach operations.

The following buses will pass to Wellglade

Scanias (YN03 YRA), (YN04 AGY), YN05 GZB).

VDLs (YJ56 KBF), (YJ08 EFL).

Volvo (FL10 NFV)

The Volvo is expected to go to Kinchbus on the SkyLink service.

The date of sale is end Jan 2012, Felix will retain the solos, and the V and M
plate volvos to operate Kirk Hallam schools until the end of March 2012 when the
operators licence expires.

The coach work, but not the coaches themselves, will pass to Swiftsure of
Burton-on-Trent. The coaches will be sold.

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