Friday, 25 November 2011

Trip to Cambridge

Had a trip in to Cambridge today to meet up with a mate on the 75's . on my way to town i took the busway from Histon to The science park  to have a look up cowley rd  to have a look up the depot so see what was about and to some good luck i was lucky to see newly converted sighseeing trident 17079-T679KPU just leaving on it day of touring around Cambridge . also noted was 17078  had been put on to  private plate TSU369 this was thanks to one of the mechanic's coming a cross to me at the fence asking if i could send him a photo of him driving 22315 up  to the depot in return he was saying that all the new open tops are to have private plates but the rest are still unknown at present but left me another time to photo it on it new plates        

17078 showing it new plate TSU369

17079-T679KPU with it original reg at the moment 

rear of 17079
 After my trip up to cowley  rd i walked back to science park to get a bus in to town i landed 19308-AE07KZK on milton p+r to cambridge  were i meet up with a driver mate at whippet and took a trip with him on the 75 with k713ASC which was a first time on that bus for me and rare to see it in cambridge now days. you cant beat a good leyland olys in Cambridge after my two hour  around trip to croydon and back it was time to go to back to work . so i decided to get the citi 8 back to histon which produced 19611-AE11BYA all in all not a bad day in the city .london tomorow who knows what the day will bring a full report  of the day will be posted here on sunday 
k713asc leaveing on the 14:00 75 to orwell

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