Thursday, 21 June 2012

New Busway bus sneaky peak

On Friday i took a trip up to volvo Ely to see if the new wright eclipse b7s for stagecoach to use on the busway had arrived. Which they had and was lucky to get access to see them and photo the three what was there at the time and one just arriving after delivery run witch leaves one left to come . i also took a 2 min walk down to stagecoach ely depot to my amazement the three scania E400S were sat there where i tryed to get a photo outside and was told by the depot manager to ''come in and have a look''. well i couldn't say no to a offer like that and went in to photo them buses seen at stagecoach ely were  
15812 AE12GCK,15813 AE12CKJ &15814 AE12CKK  
seen at volvo ely were 
21232-AE12CJO, 21233-AE12CJU, 21234-AE12CJV & 21235-AE12CJX  with 21231-AE12CJJ to be delivered 

The extra buses are to be used on the Peterborough  excitation and Ramsay excitation    


21233-AE12CJU & 21234-AE12CJV
15812 AE12GCK,15813 AE12CKJ &15814 AE12CKK  

15814 AE12CKK

BIG thanks to volvo ely for letting me in to photo them and the same at stagecoach ely depot


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