Sunday, 9 September 2012

Go Whippet up date

Go whippet have had a bit of an update since i last posted in a nut shell two new olys  volvo B7 SK52URV enters service city bus and Vanhool coach withdrawn .

So first of with two ex stagecoach volvo Olympians now in the fleet for school service these are ex magic bus Manchester photo below of them after arriving at there depot 
16721 P721GND and 16510 R510UWL (c) CHIPMUNK
SK52URV finally entered in to service on the 5th on its first day of service.  Sporting whippets new livery i was luck to photo it after work working 1815 Cambridge-Huntingdon (1A)  it looked great for a bus that had not seen service since 2009 Whippet have really spent time bring it back up to scratch    

SK52URV seen on huntingdon rd

Other news in the fleet is that E441ADV and J689LGA are now withdrawn from service 

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