Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stagecoach East fleet change period 9

the fleet card has just hit my door mat with the following changes

Vehicle movements
16212-R562DRP  Reserve to Fenstanton
16542-ACZ489 Reserve to Cambridge
16543-ACZ493 Reserve to Cambridge
17078-TSU639 Cambridge to Reserve   due to Repower
17079-T679KPU Cambridge to Reserve  due to Repower
18059-AE53TZL Fenstanton to disposal

Reserve vehicles 
16010-P810GMU Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16013-P813GMU Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16175-R175HHK Reserve @ Bedford  condition good
16210-R560DRP  Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16213-R563DRP Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16214-R564DRP Reserve @ Bedford condition good
16216-R566DRP Reserve @ Bedford condition good
16217 R567DRP Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
16528-WLT682 Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
16542-ACZ7492 Reserve @ Cambridge condition good

17078-TSU639   Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
17079-T679KPU Reserve @ Cambridge condition good

17099-V473KJN Reserve @ Newcastle (open top conversion )
17274-X274NNO Reserve @  Lincoln  (open top conversion )
17275-X377NNO Reserve @ Newcastle  (open top conversion )
17276-X276NNO Reserve @ Newcastle (open top conversion )
22278-SP51AMK Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22306-AE51RYB Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22307-AE51RYC Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22459-S459OFT Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
22460-S460OFT Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
22461-S461OFT Reserve @ Cambridge condition good
33399-R366JVA  Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33461-S461CVV  Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33462-V462TVV  Reserve @ Fenstanton  condition good
33463-V463TVV Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
33464-V464TVV  Reserve @ Fenstanton condition good
33802-R802YUD Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
33806-R706YUD Reserve @ Peterborough condition good
52124-K154DNV Reserve @ Bedford condition good
52485-R185DNH Reserve @ Bedford condition good
52644-KSU461 Reserve @ Bedford condition good

Disposal vehicles
16082-R82XNO Located @ Cambridge   condition fair  
16086-R86XNO Located @ Bedford       condition fair    
16091-R91XNO Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
16102-R102XNO Located @ Cambridge    condition fair
16496-P146KWJ Located @ Bedford       condition good
16672-L672HNV Located @ Bedford       condition good
18059-AE53TZL Located @ Fenstanton        condition extensive fire damage
20110-N210LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20112-N212LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20114-N214LTN  Located @ Cambridge       condition fair
20321-N321VSM  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair
20328-N328VSM  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair    
20329-N329VMS  Located @ Cambridge      condition fair
20513-R513KSA  Located @ Cambridge     condition fair
20531-P531ESA  Located @ Bedford     condition fair
20573-M473ASW  Located @ Cambridge     condition fair

That's all fokes thanks go's to Christine for fleet card  

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