Monday, 16 May 2011

X5 bash madness

Well this evening my miss is off to bedford for the night on the x5 with me at home (yay) and said I should come as far as st neoats as I had been given my sisters megarider plus as it runs out tonight. So on my radom bash I have done
The 17:50 service b from  orchard park to cambridge and had 21230-AE09GZA a nice busway volvo b7

Then the 19:40 x5 cambridge to stneoats were I had 53606

Then the 20:20 x5 st neoats to cambridge were I had 53611-KX58NCD then awalk to sainsburys for a pizza for tea and and then got the citi2 from bridge st to mill rd and had 22325-Ae51RZB a nice bus to end the eve on

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