Sunday, 29 May 2011

T-Jay and the dayrider plus bash

yesterday i went to see a mate of mine at cambourne and then got a nice dayrider plus bash in too when he went to see his mum in hospital in the after-noon and as i was meeting back up with him for a beer at 7pm at Cambourne so heres the bash photo of the buses i had too photos were taken on my phone so not the best quality but they do.
               The buses bashed
 19568-AE10BWD  Histon to Cambridge on Citi 8
19590-AE10BXB Cambridge to Cambourne Citi 4
19597-AE10BXK Cambourne to St Neoats Citi 4
34443-KV53EZX St Neoats to Huntingdon 65
21224AE09GYU Huntingdon to St Ives 55
15458 AE09GYF St Ives to Cambridge Citi 5
19581 AE11BWO Cambridge to Cambourne Citi 4

19568-AE10BWD after working citi8
19590-AE10BXB awaiting to do my citi4 to cambourn 
19597-AE10BXK after finishing a great trip up the A428 on the citi4 

15458 AE09GYF at St Ives after doing my 55 from Huntingdon 
15458 AE09GYF sat at St Ives waiting to do my citi 5 to cambridge via all the little villages but it a good route and the 1h 10 mins fly by 

all in all not a bad bus in the day even the ex bedford dart was okay on the 65 and just got around offord bridge  .And the citi4 from cambourne to st neoats was great with lots of thrash .

thanks for reading  next bash to come soon 


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