Friday, 9 September 2011

Delaine Buses new bus and fleet movements

Delaine bus of borne have recently had there very first Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 registers AD61DBL fleet number 150. delaine usually  have optare Olympus but due to  Optare not  bodying any other chassis manufacturers products. as there now preferring only to offer their own integral Mercedes powered product sadly.
so there could be gemini to follow next year but it to be confirmed   

if you would like to see AD61DBL here are it booked runs for the time being 
0730 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
0900 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
0950 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1100 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1150 Service 101 Morton-Bourne
1300 Service 101 Bourne-Peterborough
1400 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1450 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1600 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1650 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1800 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton 

Other Delaine news M2 OCT (117) & N3 OCT (118)
Volvo Olympian / East Lancashire 
have been sold to  R Dew & Sons, Somersham and will probably be seen on rail reps and schools 

AD61DBL on the 18:00 101 to morton on the 3rd of sep

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