Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Norfolk green latest acquirement

Norfolk green have confirmed that three more optare spectras are comeing from reading they are 
722-YJ51ZVF   723-YJ51ZVG & 724-YG02FHD which will take there total up to nine optare spectras which means that near all 505 services will be spectraised (is that a word :)
There also acuired  a optare solo what will be numberd 623 it ex Courtney  YJ05XMT this is to replace 600 that had a rtc
for more info on the king lynn area of buses click here  for andys bus blog which is highly recomend
i would like to thank rob bennet at norfolk green for the info on the optare spectra's and andy james for the info on the optare solo

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