Monday, 28 March 2011

stagecoach fare changes and zone changes

From the 17th of april the fair of most tickets are going up as shown below

Dayrider : £3.50 -  10p Increase
Dayrider Plus : £5.40 20p Increase
Family Dayrider plus : £6.00 50p Increase
Megarider : £12.50 £1 Increase
Megarider Plus £21.50 £1 Increase
Townrider in Ely/Haverhill/Royston & St Neots will be £1.90 per day 15p Increase
Townrider Huntingdon a Townrider will now be £3 per day 20p Increase 
Townrider Newmarket  still, just £1 with continued funding support from Forest Heath District Council

All so the the dayrider boundary have changed at the west side of Cambridge which means they are will be valid as far as & including Hardwick on citi 4 and up to & including Toft on route 18. To travel beyond this, you’ll need a Dayrider Plus or Megarider Plus ticket. this is due to cambourne houseing funding being cut last year but as stagecoach are loseing lots of money they cant keep it in the dayrider zone

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