Wednesday, 22 February 2012

meridian line travel take over

Cozy travel of letchworth have bought meridian line travel Bassingbourn . the deal includes 14 vehicles and staff and depot at Bassingbourn meridian line keep it name  

Meridian line run school buses and a handfull of public service as shown below 
29 Lt Paxton - St Neots - Papworth - Cambourne - Comberton (M-F school time )
31 Cambridge - Stapleford - Fowlmere- Barley  (Mon-sat)
199 Cambridge City Center - Newnham (Tuesday and Friday only ) 

ONE of the last buses brought by Meridian line . here is ex N.C.T  East lancs trident  pulling out on a 31 covering the  E200

for more info on  on buy out here 


  1. Tuesday 8th January 2013, due to gross incompetence, Meridian Line ceases to trade.

  2. Its proving quite hard to get an uptodate time table for the number 31 which services my village. They dont have a current website and the Cambridgeshire Council website travel page is also broken.

    We certainly dont get a bus like the one in your photo. Its a tiny dirty little thing. Its not surprising that its not used much.

  3. That's because, since the take over, the company is run by a bunch of incompetants who care nothing for their customers.

  4. Meridian line travel Ltd
    Has now been officially dissolved as reported by Companies house.
    As I was employed by this company I would like to say how sorry we all are for it's demise. And to its many loyal customers on the 31 route and to the private hire customers a very big thank.