Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Reading buses to take delivery of six Wright streetlights

 All six will wear two tone green  and numberd from 151 to 156 and are a replacement for there optare solo's  The fleet is to be officially launched at Reading Town Hall on 27th of February

RX61HJT 151 at Chestnut Grove. (C)James Cusworth

other news with reading buses is they have had a compressed natural gas powered MAN EcoCity demonstrator WX61 FXO for 5 weeks Reading Transport has said its CNG-powered MAN EcoCity demonstrator is a “perfectly feasible” proposition for its local services. “Does it work? So far, yes it does,” says chief executive officer James Freeman. “The gas bus goes out every morning, and we don’t see or hear of it until it returns 12 hours later – and that’s exactly how it should be.

“Emissions are very low indeed, and that’s in tune with the philosophy of our local authority owners. We are due to replace our single-deck fleet in 2013, and the MAN EcoCity proposition appears to be perfectly feasible.”
Reading Transport has a 25-year history of trialling new engine technology, not all of it successfully. “We’ve tried everything,” says Freeman, “ethanol, LPG, electric-hybrid, even cooking oil. The difference with MAN EcoCity, is that gas bus technology has come of age. It’s a proven power system

for more info on reading area bus news here

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