Thursday, 1 March 2012

absolutely fabulous day out

On Thursday I took a trip out before work to newmarket and bury St Edmunds and Ely  to see some of the new town/city service in bury St Edmunds and Ely

bury st edmunds town service operated by stephensons of essex called ''The breeze'' where there useing ex east london darts on the town service and judging  by the loads on the buses there doing well the buses are very clean  and with a livey . un like first with there ''greenhouse shed'' as one driver from fec called them and went on to say ''if the failed essex county buses hadnt of shown up. bury would still of had the bog standard fec service''. first's bus services are to end at the end of march due to not making any money.
Also runing town services in bury are Mulleys with two optare solo's . With first leaving bury both companys are expanding there service when first withdraw so no one is missed out Mulleys have bought more optare solos for the service's .
Other buses seen was was some of Chambers volvo olys
and a Galloway daf wright cadet and Stevenson's 11plate enviro 200's and two of there ex dublin Olympians 

After a trip back via Newmarket to Ely to see the new Norfolk Green City service in Ely called absolutely which go's around Ely in two loops servicing the new Sainsburys in Lisle Lane. this service is funded by sainsburys  and East Cambridgeshire council. the service is run by absolutely branded  optare solo  as shown to the left  with the whippet city service behind it that has now ended the whippet service was also funded by the east Cambridgeshire council . The loadings on the absolutely service were very good and it defiantly the talk of the town as many of the o.a.p's were talking about the ''nice new service from norfolk''. was what one person said waiting in whsmiths when i was in there.
All in all  the absolutely service seems a great success and very convenient for the people of Ely .

BUSES Traveled on
19592 Histon to Histon busway stop. citi8
15459 Histon Busway to Cambridge  busway B
18340 Cambridge to Newmarket  12
22319 Newmarket to Bury st eds  11
18415 Bury St Eds to Newmarket 11
18349 Newmarket to Ely  12
22324 Ely to cambridge science park 9
21230 Science park busway to Histon busway. Busway A

photos of the day can be found here 

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