Wednesday, 28 March 2012

GREYS OF ELY new panther 2 hits the road

Greys of ely new coach a plaxton panther 2 has entered in to service . This is there second panther 2 in the fleet the new coach is G18ELY this reg was warn by a Volvo B7R Plaxton javelin which  has been sold on to an operator in the Shetlands (Scotland).

G14ELY in histon 

The photo above of from the left is G15ELY with G18ELY on the right . this was taken at Cambridge city fc .  other  greys  news is that there former ex Stagecoach megabus leyland oly ESU238 ex H724KDY
 has also been sold tGibson Direct, Renfrew when greys had it it was given a complete over hall as show here .  

Also ive noticed a very neat tracking device on there award wining website  to view there tracker click here   as i look now i can see that there vanhool (G17ELY) is in Abergavenny (welsh wales) As well as others at wimpole hall and Folkstone awaiting train to France this tracker helped me photo G14ELY at the end of my road 
There website is also mobile compatible  page  whitch is handy for on the go coach bookings.  also greys of ely are on twitter and facebook 

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