Sunday, 4 March 2012

Volvo Ely

On friday I paid a trip to Volvo Ely  to see what was about as rob of  Big robs big blog . told me there was what  looked like a plaxton centro up there  so as i had a free morning I Paid a trip to volvo located 2 miles out side of the city  didnt seem that far with my music in my ears Eric Claptons layla best walking song gets you there in no time . any way on my walk though the lovely city of Ely  to the Lancaster way business  park  I pass the norfolk green service (absolutely service  ) still with a good load . 

YJ11GGV seen on way in to Ely 

more to my amazement i saw one of Galloway travel of Mendelsham (Stowmarket ) tri axs vanhool Astron on a tour to Ely. was very happy to see it what a great coach as i walled out of ely along the path along the A142  I saw dews bus for there 106 sevice (Cottenham-ely) its a Dennis dart with its private of BU5 2 ELY  

At volvo i was in for a treat after being aloud in to photo the buses up there and boy what a treat in the corner sat a brand spanking new mcv boded volvo B7R waiting for it new 12 plate before it went of to pullhams & son  as shown below also up there was a Stagecoach Cambridge B10 training coach  and two b9r plaxton panthers with 53608 in the shed having it gear box looked at also up there was a greys of ely plaxton cheater 
delivery note on the mcv b7r 

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