Sunday, 4 March 2012

Norfolk green big bus bash

On Friday me and a mate went out on a Norfolk green explorer ticket what give's you unlimited travel on all Norfolk green buses all for £8 . we started the day bright and early on the first 60 from Elm to wisbech and ended with a real treat a extremely  rare stray that was optare spectra 5 (YJ03UMK)  on the 46 Kings Lynn to March via Wisbech . The main point of are trip was to ''bash'' all the deckers witch is 2 Dennis tridents and 9 optare spectra's but it sort of failed after for the first few buses we landed were optare tempos then we started landing the spectras and a trident and also landed my first optare versa what was very nice . thought the day me and rob met up with andy the very andy of andys bus blog  . as his gen on how the the workings run was gold and helped us land spectra 4 and also trident 11

So here how the day went

621- MX53 FDD  Elm to Wisbech 60
621- MX53 FDD Wisbech to Kings Lynn 46
102- YJ56WU Kings Lynn to Long Sutton 505
101- YJ56WUG Long Sutton to Sutton Bridge 505
103- YJ57YCC Sutton Bridge to Weston 505
11 - LV52HHR Weston to Gedney 505
112- YJ57EHX  Gedney to Fleet  505
2- YE52FHG Fleet to Gedney 505
3- YG02FWE Gedney to Holbeach 505
5- YJ03UMK Holbeach to Weston 505
3- YG02FWE Weston to Kings Lynn 505
7- YJ51ZVF Kings Lynn to West Newton 11
8- YJ51ZVG West Newton to Kings Lynn 11
316- YJ09EZZ Kings Lynn to South gate   37
6- YJ03UML  South Gate to  Kings Lynn  505
10- LV52HHP Kings Lynn to South Lynn 505
112- YJ57EHX   South Lynn to Kings Lynn 505
4- YG02FWB Kings Lynn to Gayton Tesco  Fairstead  One
502- YJ58VCC Gayton Tesco to Kings lynn Fairstead One
5- YJ03UMK Kings Lynn to Wisbech 46
609- X384VVY Wisbech to Elm 60
spectra 5 at wisbech bus stn

It did turn out to be a bash more of the 505. Sadly the spectra with my name on 1-YE52FHF wasn't out and 9- YG02 FWD kept getting away Sadly but there's next time for them :). best bus has to be spectra 5 it just went and sounded great and the little time i had on the optare versa was great. hope to go on one of ther Irisbus Agoraline as i kept missing them to even tho they have so may try again end of this mouth 


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