Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New enviro 400s for stagecoach Peterborough

Stagecoach Peterborough  are expecting four brand new E400s to replace the ALX400 tridents (18420-18424 AE06GZ/S/T/U/V/W) which at a guess  they will go to Cambridge to help displace the M.A.N's from the 13's and some  Ely & Newmarket services . The  new E400's  are to numbered 10010-13  and registered AE12CKA/C/D/F there in the new 10000 series due to the 19000's being full . this will make Peterborough's fleet even modern Peterborough with there older-est bus being 100% low floor

Info from mutly and the Anglia & Thames Vally bus forum  


  1. they r getting 4 new enviro400 to replace 5 tridents lol. can c they 4 new 1 put on olympics shuttle buses b4 they go to peterborough

  2. Is this imformation true or false? I've not heard a thing yet about new buses going to Peterborough. But i heard there will be some going to Fenstanton for the guided busway. I was not sure if the information got mixed up?