Monday, 15 August 2011

on the busway

I  went on the busway  on the Monday afternoon to see if it was worth the wait
i started off on the southern part of the busway from Cambridge rail stn to trumpington park and ride
then moved on to the  northern part from orchard park and Milton rd.
21220-AE09GYR at trumpington p&r on the way back to st ives
The ride was smooth and speedy and very comfortable on both stagecoach & go whippet's buses.
time keeping was okay but there was some big delays to the stagecoach's B service and some were even duped to keep up with demand .and whippets c's service were leaving st Ives full and standing . i hope keeps the numbers up to prove it isn't going to be a white elephant like so many think
15460-AE09GYH seen heading to Huntington at Histon
21220 AE09GYR  Cambridge to trumpington p&r service A
21226-AE09GYW trumpington p&r to Cambridge service A
15461-AE09GYJ Cambridge to st Ives  service B
21225-AE09GYV St Ives p&r to Cambridge  service A
15461-AE09GYJ histon to Cambridge service B
AE59EHR Cambridge to histon  service C
21225-AE09GYV histon to st Ives service B
15463-AE09GYN st Ives to histon service B

I think that after all the buses i went up the busway on i would say that whippet with there cheaper Fares and Volvo B7RLE/Plaxton are best they would be even better if they had the leather seats . 

tell me what you think of the busway  comment below or email me at

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