Saturday, 20 August 2011

Stagecoach east fleet changes

Hello readers this is a quick round up of the stagecoach east fleet changes coming up they are

16010-P810GMU now reserve
16013-P813GMU now reserve
16214-R564DRP Fenstanton-now reserve
16216-R566DRP Fenstanton-now reserve
16496-P146KWJ Bedford-reserve
18411-AE06GZH Bedford to fenstanton
18412-AE06GZJ bedford to fenstanton
18413-AE06GZK bedford to fenstanton
18414-AE06GZL bedford to fenstanton
18415-AE06GZM bedford to cambridge
18416-AE06GZN bedford to cambridge
34141-V141MVX  bedford to fenstanton
34160-V160MVX  bedford to fenstanton

47351-AE06TWV cambridge to bedford
47352-AE06TWP cambridge to bedford

Anyone can see this photo Anyone can see this photo optare solo's on there last night at fenstanton (20/08/11) © Robert Tarling

47353-AE06TWU cambridge to bedford
47658-AJ58RBF  Fenstanton to Cambridge
47659-AJ58RBO Fenstanton to Cambridge

some intresting changes there

thanks to 
 bob tarling for the photo check out his flicker here
and thanks to  uk buses

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